Here are "Community" is everything!

Our philosophy for getting things done is "Many Hands Make Little Work" because as a team we can do amazing things.

Considering our common goal is to help these hard working student athletes gain opportunities in both hockey and life, by working together we can help them reach their goals while helping strengthen our communities.

We also want to use our national and global network to help those in need in any way we can.

We are always looking for volunteers who can donate as little as an hour or two per week, or as much as they would like to.

Helping provide valuable resources to the community is a fun and rewarding way to give back and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. We'll show you everything you need to know.

Volunteering or Interning is also a great way for students or individuals who are interested in media, broadcasting, journalism, social media, technology, marketing and more, to gain experience in the fun and exciting world of hockey and sports.

Also, if you're a high school student we can provide you with a fun way to earn community service hours.

If you're interested in volunteering or interning, please contact us at
Charity of Choice

Since 2008 has been proud to call Jake's House for Children with Autism, our "Charity of Choice".

Back in August 2008, we received an email from the head coach of the GTHL Toronto Jr. Canadiens who were attending our tournament, telling us about one of the parents on the team who had started a charity and asking us if we would be willing to help spread the word at our inaugural Cup.

Without even blinking we said "Absolutely". We offered them a concourse table at our tournament, an insert in our program, dropping pucks, presenting awards, speaking at our banquet and whatever else we could do to help.

Little did we know what would follow!

Good things happen when you pay it forward and Dave and Irene Bodanis decided to return the gesture.

The next thing we knew NHL Senior Vice President and Hall of Fame inductee Jim Gregory (a long time close friend of the Bodanis family) is at our tournament doing the whole nine yards!

He was shaking hands, meeting people, giving private dressing speeches to our tournament All Star Game participants, dropping opening game pucks, speaking at our banquets, talking and thanking coaches, taking photo ops with our award recipients and anyone who wanted to and even taking time to do an interview for us.

I can honestly say that Mr. Gregory has been one of the biggest inspirations for me to passionately continue what I've been doing. He is the epitome of "Community" and giving back!

As the Jake's House story goes, the Midget AAA player on the Jr. Canadiens, James Bodanis, oldest of three kids of the charity's founders Dave and Irene Bodanis, was always there to help his family and share in the responsiblity of caring for his autistic brother James.

In fact, his parents would always encourage him to do the things teenagers should be doing, but he insisted on helping his parents instead.

Finally, he agreed and decided to take up hockey. He worked on his skills with great determination and then eventually tried out and made the Major Midget GTHL Toronto Jr. Canadiens as a 16 year old.

When he made the team, he said to his parents "Since Jake (his Autistic brother) will never be able to play hockey, I'm going to wear his birthday number on my jersey and I'm going to "Play For Jake".

It didn't take long for that touching story to make it's way into the hearts and minds of some of hockey's great people including NHL Sr. Vice President Jim Gregory, who then reached out to his "hockey family" and before you know it "Jake's House for Children with Autism" had two huge spokespeople, Bobby Orr and Rick Nash.

In fact, it spread like wildfire within the hockey community and this video was the result.




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NHL Sr. Vice President Jim Gregory Supporter and Friend
@ 2008 Cup










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